Investment Partner

Job description

Vertevis Capital Partners is an up-and-coming player in the field of ESG investments. At Vertevis, three main fund categories are at the heart of the company’s philosophy and mission: Climate & infrastructure, Digitalization & infrastructure, and Diversity.
Vertevis Capital Partners is currently building their team da capo (from scratch) and are looking to hire high potentials that facilitate the success of the company’s launch in their first-ever offices in Frankfurt, Germany. If this caught your attention keep reading :).

General profile/role

  • Personal brand and known player in the PE Funds
  • Preferred partner for founders, and LPs
  • Achieves favorable terms such as lower valuation
  • Deep expertise in a very specific industry and/or PE (KPIs, metrics, trends, etc.)
  • High-quality contacts and accessibility to these contacts
  • Manages the overall organizational needs of the teams he or she is part of
  • Internal management and representation function
  • Information gateway to and from the team, too and from the company

Tasks Deal flow

  • Looks proactively for high-quality deal flow
  • Supervises the pipeline process (discuss leads, decide on long & shortlist candidates and rejects)
  • Assesses founders and their personal potential
  • Recognizes a good deal and its potential
  • Direct report for all assigned to respective team
  • Overall manager of team members
  • Works with other Partners in the team to define and execute active and passive sourcing strategy
  • Ensures efficient allocation of leads/pipeline among team steers coordination with other teams



  • Experienced dealmaker, with either financial or operational expertise with the capacity to structure a deal and the investment agreement
  • Manages the investment process (research, identification of high potential Deals, due diligence etc.)
  • Provides his network for reference checks, receives in-depth Infos about a potential deal
  • Decides what deal to push
  • Presents the deal to the Investment Committee (Deal Meeting, 2 pages)
  • Negotiates Term sheet
  • Can build a cap table and waterfall and has a clear understanding of transaction structures
  • Comes up with creative solutions in dealing with unusual but critical transactions
  • Comes up with multi solutions (Deal + Add ons parallel.)

Fundraising Part

  • Development of investment thesis for company`s Fund raisings
  • Identifies and sources potential LPs for all funds
  • Holds presentations and meets investors
  • If fundraising for a focus fund: Develops the framework of the fundraising presentation and the PPM supervises and guides the process

PR & marketing

  • Fosters his or her network and high-quality contacts
  • Is invited and represents the firm at relevant industry events
  • Either is a speaker at relevant events and/or a regular blog post writer and/or interview Partner for industry news sites etc.

If you are interested in being at the forefront of a unique new venture in the investment world, we look forward to receiving your application.