Fullstack Javascript Developer

Job description

Elephant is a tech startup tackling the big problems in global healthcare. We create lightweight, connectable applications that improve access to care and save lives. Our target market are the 6+ billion people in emerging economies. We are partnering with NGOs, Governments, and healthcare professionals around the world.

In 2019 our platform is expanding and will reach more than 2 million new patients in Africa and the Middle East.

We are looking for a talented senior engineer who can bring leadership, imagination, and passion to this ambitious project in a fast growing company.

The role:

  • Lead our development team.

    • You will be sprint leader and lead developer working on our healthcare platform. You will also work directly with the CTO and VP Product to shape our roadmap, and will be instrumental in our 2019 success.

  • Help consolidate our existing technical stack, and lay plans for the future.

    • You will work directly with the CTO to design the next generation of Elephant’s architecture.

  • Help us expand our development team further.

    • We value your expertise and voice, and you will be pivotal in selecting candidates to join our technical team.

  • Professional Development

    • As a leader you will help junior members of the team improve their skills and develop professionally.

Note:  We aim to provide all members of our team flexibility, including remote working.


What skills and experience would we like you to have?


  • Full Stack Javascript developer with at least 5 years enterprise experience.

  • Experience leading and managing a development team using modern techniques.

  • Excellent communication and organisational skills.

  • Appreciation of agile methodologies, respect for testing and safe code.

  • Node.JS (Express, Hapi), React.JS.

  • SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB.

  • Functional Javascript Programming (Ramda/Lodash)       

  • Experience with microservices architecture and API design.

  • Skills & experience in DevOps, including safe management of a live product.


  • Direct experience working on secure products that handle very sensitive data is a major plus, e.g. Healthcare or FinTech.

  • Experience in mobile application development is a plus.

  • Experience working on applications with intermittent connectivity (e.g. Progressive Web Applications) is a plus.

  • Knowledge and experience with ML techniques (e.g. Gradient Boosting) is a plus, but not essential.

What do we pay?

The starting pay is £80,000 pa with generous stock options. Your salary and benefits will grow significantly as the company continues to grow.

What sort of company are we?

We are a small band of experts. This inspires our purpose as we focus on delivering solutions for real-world health and social care problems. Our culture is open, creative and collaborative, and we believe that products, whether used in Sudan or San Francisco should be intuitive and beautiful.

We have a firm code of principles based on transparency, safety and security, and want to build trust in all those who work with us. If you think you have what it takes, please get in touch.