Chief Product Officer

Job description

Newil & Bau is a tech-driven housing developer that provides inspiring alternative to mainstream development of new-built homes. We offer carbon neutral, beautiful and functional Newil & Bau homes with curated amenities and services. Our homes are designed in accordance with our five pillared design philosophy and sold through inspiring online purchase experience.

Our Vision is to create the most compelling housing developer of the 21st century by driving the transition to more sustainable and inspiring living. Our holistic approach to living has received the industry’s highest client satisfaction, largely because of our customer-centric approach to how we build our products and operations.

Since establishing in 2020, we have grown fast and will achieve gross merchandise value of close to €40meur in 2021 and forecast to reach €115meur in 2022. Our technology backed operating model, strong project funding base and branded real estate concept enables fast scalability also in the future. Our target is to be a leading housing developer in Europe by 2030 with first new cities outside Finland planned to be opened by 2024.

We work in small teams with high ownership, with each team focusing on a key area of the Newil & Bau customer experience and competitiveness. Each and every one of our product team members has a say in where we are going and what solutions we implement. We work with a passion, but we haven't forgotten how to have fun along the way!


We are recruiting a Head of Product to establish and lead a truly exceptional Product and technology team at Newil & Bau, building, leading and growing Newil & Bau overall product and technology development including both online experience and services development as well as technology backbone of our business.

In this role, you will need to combine an uncanny attention to detail with big picture thinking. We operate as one team, and you and your team will collaborate closely with our Operations and Brand teams to design and build amazing client experience and tech-backed operations.

In your role as CPO  your main responsibility areas include:

  • Newil & Bau Product and technology -team strategy and leadership
  • Newil & Bau digital platform development including, but not limited to:
    1. Seamless and inspiring end-to-end online purchase process from dreaming to living time
    2. Taking N&B Home customization configurator to a next level (
    3. Paperwork digitalization: All purchase related documents in the same place, closing and payment, communication during construction time, inspections (move-in / warranty)
    4. Resident services integration as a part of the online experience (e.g. home buyer mortgage service should be taken to similar level as with industry leaders e.g. Redfin, Opendoor or Zillow
  • Technology and data analytics development including, but not limited to:
    1. Data analytics and automatization of customer data collection in order to optimize and improve our Real estate concept (incl. both physical features and services)
    2. Support operations process development by developing tools for property development risk management and construction monitoring
    3. Automatization and improving CRM tools and other operational tools e.g. NPS, eNPS etc. data collection
    4. Overall back-end architecture


We are looking for someone with

  • Years of professional experience in building and leading product / online services or e-commerce design teams, working on web applications that span over multiple markets, with a strong consumer focus.
  • Fluency with UX best practices, you are not afraid to explore paths that deviate from the norm when there’s a valid case for it.
  • Advanced technological skillset and a demonstrated history with technology including extensive industry knowledge with an eye towards the future.
  • Exceptional team management skills and ability to delegate efficiently.
  • Analytical and strategic mindset focusing on customer value maximization.
  • Experience from vc-backed tech-companies considered as an advantage.
  • Last but not least: one of your super powers is your ability to attract and develop product / technology development talent, and allow them to unleash their full creative potential. You’ve learned to match designers with the right product and technology teams, and leverage skill sets across teams when necessary.

Our offering to you

In this role, you’ll get to be a part of Newil & Bau core management team, build and lead your own team in the most compelling housing developer in the industry.

You would get to work in a company culture where we take ownership beyond the obvious, do common things uncommonly well, we think big but stay humble, do right by people, we treat others kindly and justly, recognise that if we don’t learn, we won’t stay still but fall behind. Read more about us here:

The compensation will be a negotiable combination of monthly pay and stock options. The latter make it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you'll own a piece of the pie.

Join us for a delightful journey!

The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person, so make sure to apply as soon as you realize you really, really want to join us! We can’t wait to see your portfolio of design work, in particular if it allows us to explore end-to-end designs at various points of the Product life-cycle.