AML / Compliance Officer

Job description

Vertevis Capital Partners is an up-and-coming player in the field of ESG investments. At Vertevis, three main fund categories are at the heart of the company’s philosophy and mission: Climate & infrastructure, Digitalization & infrastructure, and Diversity.
Vertevis Capital Partners is currently building up their team and are looking to hire high potentials that facilitate the success of the company’s launch in their first ever offices in Frankfurt, Germany. If this caught your attention, please see more details about the role below. 

Main goal: Ensure full compliance on all requirements and obligations with applicable laws and regulations for Vertevis Capital Partners GmbH as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in Private Equity (PE).

Reporting line: Direct reporting line to the CEO

General profile & role:

The Compliance/AML Officer is responsible to ensure compliance with laws and regulations as further detailed below; in his/her role, the Compliance Officer pursues a proactive, preventive and transparent approach to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements and obligations while considering market standards and best practices and thus contributes to Vertevis reputation and success.

Externally, the Compliance/AML Officer represents the company vis-a-vis national and international public authorities (e.g. BaFin) on Compliance topics and cooperates with the relevant regulatory and law enforcement authorities regarding disclosure and reporting obligations.

Internally, the Compliance/AML Officer acts as an advisor and sparring partner/single point of contact on all Compliance matters for Management and the broader organization, especially in aligning business needs with regulatory requirements. Ultimately, he/she contributes to company`s strategy and overall risk appetite framework from a Compliance perspective. He/she introduces adequate procedures, standardized processes and effective systems and takes appropriate measures in order to identify, prevent, monitor, mitigate and manage the potential risk of non-compliance. He/she is authorized to issue instructions to all employees, has free access to all information, data, documentation and systems as required for Compliance purposes.


Tasks & Responsibilities:

  •  Compliance/AML Officer (Compliance/Geldwäsche Beauftragter) of Vertevis.
  • Ensure full compliance on all requirements and obligations for AIFMs (esp. AIFMD, Regulation as well as related delegated acts) with applicable laws and regulations as well as other requirements and obligations relevant for the company as a market participant in the PE business.
  • Create/update Compliance related standards, processes and policies (e.g. Code of Conduct, Compliance Manual as well as detailed Compliance policies on individual Compliance topics)and rollout/implementation in Vertevis and affiliated entities to meet local Compliance requirements.
  • Perform and document periodical risk assessments, definition/update of Compliance monitoring plan and controls on such basis.
  • Execute and document controls (sample testing, desk reviews, on-site visits, etc.) to control the observance of Compliance related standards, processes and policies within Vertevis and its affiliated entities.
  • Develop and conduct training related to Compliance topics for management and staff.
  • Cooperate with regulatory and law enforcement authorities in case of requests related to regulatory requirements and Compliance matters and handling of general inquiries as well as potential investigations (e.g., preparation of documentation and statements to BaFin, etc.).
  • Advise and support Management and the broader organization on all matters regarding compliance such as the development of new products, structures and processes, the identification of new tasks and responsibilities and the introduction of new rules and regulations; ensure the alignment of business needs with regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor and assess on an ongoing basis internal structures, processes, rules and regulations, disclose/highlight identified risks and deficits, propose/align appropriate mitigation measures and provide recommendations to Management as (the ultimate) risk owners.
  • Manage areas of confidentiality and ensure need-to-know-principle in relevant areas (e.g., access to and passing-on of confidential information).
  • Monitor developments of applicable laws, regulations, and standards as well as market trends and best practices.
  • Report compliance matters according to applicable laws and regulations internally (i.e., Management or other corporate bodies and committees) and externally (i.e., authorities such as BaFin).
  • Investigate any reports/leads of possible compliance violations, identify breaches of the Code of Conduct and internal Compliance Rules, and initiate appropriate corrective actions as well as sanctions, if required.
  • Represent Compliance internally (in decision making processes/corporate bodies and committees, as the case may be) and externally such as in the legislative process for relevant regulation; participate in related expert round tables (BaFin, auditing firms).

Personal and technical Skills:

  • Team player, able to communicate well - with tact and diplomacy - across different levels and cultures.
  • Ability to work under pressure, high tolerance of stress, resolving conflicts.
  • High degree of willingness to take on responsibility and to take decisions to improve and optimize Compliance-related processes.
  • Strong leadership and change management skills (high social competence, ability to create a motivating environment, fairness, convincing, etc.).
  • Analytical skills and understanding of the financial industry and particularities in the PE business environment.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, negotiation, moderation, and presentation skills.
  • Manage projects independently and efficiently, whilst guiding stakeholders and colleagues effectively through his/her experience, knowledge, and trust.
  • Work in a structured and systematic way, prioritize tasks well and finish assignments within the agreed framework (time, quality, and costs).
  • Hands on approach, supportive to colleagues, when required also taking on a variety of additional tasks.
  • Translate concepts and strategies into practice effectively in a structured and timely manner; leads others effectively to support the implementation of projects and initiatives.


  • Complete assignments reliably and in a diligent and timely manner.
  • Adapt to changing environments successfully; flexible, adaptable and resilient, know how to deal with high workload at times.
  • Open to grow and improve, ready to take on new tasks and go out of his/her personal comfort zone.

If you are interested in being at the forefront of a unique new venture in the investment world, we look forward to receiving your application.